Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Do List: Summer '11

Summer is my absolute favorite season! 
Long, hot days and late, warm nights. Schools out. 
Partiesss, lazy days, bikinis!

1. Go to the beach many, many times!

I love the beach! Cute bikinis, hot boys, can't get better than this. Take a nap or play volleyball. It's so relaxing and fun at the same time. I wish I lived closer to the beach!

2. Workout!
Stress reliever and it's my excuse to pig out on food all day!

3.  Go to little brother's Little League games

little brother+baseball= :D I love watching my brother doing what he loved the most, playing baseball. 

4. Sit on the Sears Tower Ledge 
 I've gone to the top of the Sears Tower back when I was ten. Now I want to go again and now sit on the newly added glass balcony.

5. Go to Cubs games!

"Take me out to the ball game!" Nothing says summer like a baseball game at Wrigley Field

6. Go bowling.

Why? Because it's fun!
7. Go camping.

An adventure waiting to happen!

8. Get a job/internship!

School makes my life intense enough without having a job to worry about. So summer is the ideal time to get a job and earned some cash! 

9. Read!

Reading books I actually care for become difficult during the school year when I have tons of studying to do. To me summer has always been a time to catch up on my reading.

10. Get an A in my Geography summer class. :( A B is good enough, right?

I love to school too much to ignore in the summer. So I decided to take an online class. I must get an A!

11. Watch a movie in the park or a drive-in theater.  

The quintessential 50's date is at a drive-in theater. I really want to go one. At the very  least watch a movie at the park.

12. Sleepovers

I loveeee having sleepovers! 

13. Attend a musical festival.

Chicago is notorious for summer festivals. Since Lollapalloza tickets are too expensive and difficult to get it, I will attend Viva Chicago or other music fest!

14. Taste of Chicago.

Great food and great music all in one place! :D 

15. Fiesta del Sol

Tradition. <3 Carnival rides, delicious food, great music, old neighborhood.

16. Dance the nights away

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